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Purrs Mews
Purrs Mews
Five Star Boarding for Cats
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About the Cattery

Hello, we are Rebekah and Daniel Hawkins, the owners of purrs mews. We are a family run business and do not employ staff. We prefer to do everything ourselves and we love it. In 1982 purrs mews was established by Tony and Pat Watling. We have now proudly taken over and  hope to show as much enthusiasm and dedication as they did towards their guests.

The ethos

Purrs mews was designed to create a special atmosphere in which the cats will enjoy rather than just  ‘put up with’ their stay whilst their owners are away. Your cat will relax in the pretty, spacious and warm semi-detached rooms each with its own private garden from where they can enjoy the views of the many flowering plants and vines which attract a myriad of butterflies and birds all year around, enough to interest and amuse our guests all day.      

Purrs mews is not just a pretty picture of course, as you would expect we provide first class facilities and maintain the highest of standards. Your cat will have superb comfort in stimulating surroundings all within a beautiful, secure walled garden and in the best of loving care. All this should give you peace of mind and be safe in the knowledge that you have provided the very best for your cat.

How it works

Excellent split level accommodation – Your cat will occupy a beautifully appointed room with individual decor and furnishings across three levels. In the sleeping area there is thermostatically controlled heating, the day area features a window to the world outside and the lower level is divided into a covered terrace and litter tray.

There is a choice of rooms to suit your cats needs Including ‘bungalows’ for elderly or reduced mobility cats. All rooms have access to music, a private garden with chair and a stimulating environment. Our guests will be able to choose sun or shade, rest or play to suit their mood.

Fresh food, quality ingredients – Meal times at purrs mews are an important part of the day, our guests will be treated to the best fresh food available. If your cat has specific dietary requirement we will follow these as not to interrupt your home routine. We can also provide a ’a la carte’  meal on request which includes cod, tuna and prawns. A real treat for any feline friend.

Loving care in full measure – we believe cats away from home need lots of attention, not just cleaning and feeding but at other times too – times when they can be groomed and shown the attention they would normally be shown at home. We want your cat to be happy and healthy in our care so we include love, that special ingredient to ensure their wellbeing. Licence no Aw 02/22