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Purrs Mews
Purrs Mews
Five Star Boarding for Cats
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Terms and conditions for acceptance of boarding.

The following terms and conditions are designed to protect your cat, yourselves and the cattery whilst your cat is in our care.

Delivery of your cat into the care of Purrs Mews indicates your agreement to these terms.


Purrs Mews reserves the right to refuse admission to any cat which appears to be unwell or has any condition which may be contagious.

Your cat must be fully inoculated against cat flu and feline enteritis. Purrs Mews must see an up to date vaccination card on arrival.

If your cat arrives at Purrs Mews without a vaccination card we will check with your vet prior to boarding and reserve the right to refuse admission. Your cat can stay in our quaranteen room until a vet has vaccinated.

No males over the age of 6 months can be accepted without being neutered.

Fees and Cancellations.

If it is necessary for a vet to attend to your cat whilst in our care, the vets bill may be invoiced directly to you or be added to the Purrs Mews balance for payment.

Fees are charged at a daily rate which include the day of arrival and departure.

In the event of a cancelled booking every effort will be made by Purrs Mews to re-book that room so that you will not incur any charges. However:

 The deposit of £20 is non-refundable.

Any cancelled bookings within 7 days will be liable for 50% of the booking unless re-booked.


In the event that a cat is left un-collected 14 days after the date they were due to leave and without any communication from the owner or a representative, the cat will be deemed abandoned and Purrs Mews reserves the right to re-home your cat and seek to recover any outstanding debt.


Purrs mews do not guarantee any booking without a completed booking form and deposit.

The minimum bookable stay with Purrs Mews is 3 days.

Christmas bookings are subject to a minimum stay of 6 days. (23rd to 28th December)


Purrs Mews on occasion may need to change the room your cat is staying in.